Hublot Limited Edition Watch Created For Recipients Of The Liberty Medal

A particularly patriotic Hublot limited edition watch has been created in conjunction with the national contribution centre for the purpose of paying homage to those who have stood up in the name of liberty for those all around the globe.

This luxury timepiece weighs in at a price of $11,900 and will only be available at Hublot’s boutique on Madison Avenue, NY.

Hublot Limited Edition Watch
Hublot Limited Edition US Bang

It isn’t exactly the official timekeeper of America but it’s close. Swiss luxury watch brand Hublot has teamed up with the National Constitution Center in Philadelphia for the second consecutive year to serve as the “Official Watch and Timepiece” of the Liberty Medal award.

To celebrate this partnership, Hublot created a limited edition US Liberty Bang 44mm timepiece to honor the recipients of the Liberty Medal. Set with a black ceramic case, the black dial features an American flag inscribed with text and citations from the American Constitution on a black rubber and gummy alligator strap.

Original source: Anthony DeMarco, Article Contributed at Here

Looks like your going to have to be fast if you want to pick up your own copy of this Hublot limited edition watch btw, there are only 100 copies available and after that… You’re all out of luck.